Gifts for the Hard to Please

I had this sent through to me today and couldn’t help but pass on the Christmas love. Everyone has folks that are hard to shop »

Top Gear History

I discovered this bit while scouring the interweb for news on the Cheverolet Camaro Convertible, which I’m sure will come out eventually. In some ways »

Bacon - Man's favourite candy

[ad#Google Adsense Links] I was toying with the idea of calling this “How to attract Men” but figured that may lead you down the wrong »

Macbook Wheel – Too Good To Be True

Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard With MacExpo 2009 firing on all cylinders, this was too good not to repost. I have a MacBook »

Strange things to spend your iPhone money on

Ok so you have a shiny new iPhone 3G and you are looking to accessorize. Well if you can do without your phone for a couple »

iPhone 3G Advertising, twice as annoying.

The new iPhone 3G ads are starting to flood TV. Talking of how "Some people will love that it’s twice as Fast" I know that »