Shortage of Coders

It’s hard for me to believe as a guy who learned to program in the 90’s and saw just how many jobs there were »


I back up my Mac daily using Time Machine and try to keep it in good working order. That being said things begin to slow down »

Using Mac Steam with case sensitive drive

This was a quite irksome when Steam was released for mac and it wouldn’t work on my Macbook, due to running a case sensitive drive. »

Steam Powered Mac

It looks like the rumors are true. Valve is bringing Steam to Mac OSX and soon. How soon? How does next month, April 2010 sound? Valve »

Macbook Wheel – Too Good To Be True

Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard With MacExpo 2009 firing on all cylinders, this was too good not to repost. I have a MacBook »

Macbook Bargains

The new Macbook is still calling my name and while Apple doesn’t seem to be doing a lot in the way of post Christmas there »