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Run Clarkson Run

November 6, 2008 in Chit Chat by slowry

*NOTE : I managed to fix the broken embedded link and also the link to the direct site … Enjoy.

Now, I love Top Gear and have for many many years.

Anyone that watches the show knows that Jeremy Clarkson is a big boofhead that doesn’t take anything seriously. They will also know that he’s funny and opinionated.

The big fuss over his recent Lorry driver comments have caused quite a stir and at least one flash game where you get to run him over.

The original story is here

Personally I don’t care about the comments and think that people are far too easily offended these days. People are quick to assume that OTHER people will be offended and leap to be offended themselves so they can be early on the band wagon.

Bad Taste? Certainly. Sackable? I hardly think so.


Play it below or if that doesn’t work try it HERE

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Guitar Hero while you wait!

June 25, 2008 in Chit Chat by slowry

Just saw this over at JaMo’s site and it was too good not to snarf.

Have a go and post your scores below.

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