Bluetooth S530 ear bud instructions

I searched for a while trying to find the details of how to change language and details on the Bluetooth s530 PCHero headset.

Here are a few :

Pairing Instruction:

Holding down the power button of the headset for 6 seconds or LONGER until you see the Blue Light blinks, then please kindly click Bluetooth “S530” on your cellphone to pair with the headset.
If your phone can’t find the S530, please kindly try to restart your phone. If you can’t pair it, please Do not hesitate to contact us and We will try our best to solve your problem.

Charging instruction:

Please kindly plug the charger into the headset with 5V 1A and charge the headset for no more than 2 hours, then the led indicator will turn on Red when you charge it, but it will turn off automatically when fully charged (Usually it will take about 1 hour to fully charge).


The size of this Wireless Headset is derived from the test date of our engineers which it will be suitable with most persons’ ears.
But we are not sure it would be suitable for you completely, and we will be much appreciate if you contact us when you find the earphone is not fit your ears.

Language Change: If you change the language by accident, please try to following the below steps to change the language:

1. Disconnect the Wireless S530 with your phone.
2. Turn off the headset.
3. Turn the headset on until the led indicator being flickering from Red to Blue.
4. Do not pair the headset with your phone at this time.
5. Holding down the button again for 1 second, then the mode will change the language to English.
6. Connect the headset with your phone.


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