Busta McWrench

I’ve been working with my Crew Chief Busta McWrench and things are coming along nicely.

He’s a good guy, tell him what the car is doing and he’ll suggest changes to your car to make it better.

We were sitting down and shooting the breeze after a testing session the other day and I was saying that if we could bottle him, other racers would be stoked.

He said, well why don’t we? I said what? he said bottle me.

So I thought about it and have been working on cramming Busta into 1’s and 0’s so other folks could get the benefit of a Crew Chief while running.

Things are coming along nicely and I hope to have something that runs on Mac and PC shortly so that folks can get the benefit of a crew chief themselves shortly.

Let me know here or pop to the forum thread what you’d like to see and Busta and I will see what we can do.


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