I back up my Mac daily using Time Machine and try to keep it in good working order. That being said things begin to slow down after a while and I don’t have the time right now to do a full re-install.

With Lion just around the corner I was looking for a solution to help me get on top of maintenance tasks with my poor 2 1/2 year old Macbook.

I tried a few demo’s of different programs that each did a few things well, but didn’t have everything I wanted. I don’t mind paying for good software and I think I finally found what I was after.

Enter MacKeeper, I first found it when looking for a solution to help with deleting programs while also deleting all the sundry files that programs create as they do their thing.

Then I found out it does a lot of what I had other apps to do. It’ll find duplicate files, of which I found out I had thousands, taking up a bunch of space. It will also reclaim space used by languages you have no interest in and if you are real keen on finding new space it will also strip out the PPC bits of applications (or I386 if you have an older machine) leaving just what’s needed to run on your hardware.

I’ve been very pleased with it so far and have still to dive right into it to see what else it can do. I can see it has anti-virus and anti-theft which will even take a photo of the scum bag who stole your laptop which is pretty cool.

One pleasant thing I found out after buying it is that you’re license is also good for PCKeeper so you can run the PC equivalent up on your Windows machine and fine tune that mess.

There’s a 15 day trial available and this software goes on my recommend list. You can get it HERE

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