iPhone Game Development

Most of you know by nIn my bag todayow that I’m a big fan of Apple products. I’m also a cross platform developer, mostly using REALStudio. It’s been on my todo list for a while now to pick up iPhone/ iPad development.

When I started out learning to program, I found I learned things better when I was putting the knowledge to work. I spent a lot of time working through game books, putting together small games and seeing how the code fit together.

While I was researching iPhone development, I came across this site. iPhone Game Development

When I get a break in my currently long TODO list I think I’ll pick it up and give it a shot. It’s a pretty cheap course and looks like a lot of fun, small things to get you up to speed on creating iPhone and iPad apps.

If anyone has already bought this, feel free to let me know what you think of it.



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