Terrafugia Transition

From the Runway to the Road is the catch phrase for the Terrafugia Transition that could be in showrooms within a couple of years.

Below is a short video showing how the Transition would land and then change to car mode and head home.

On the surface, I’m thrilled at the thought that for the price of a small plane, I could have a vehicle that could turn into a car at either end of the trip. Then I start thinking of what’s going to happen to airspace as more and more of these things start to fill up the sky. Are they going to require a Pilots license to fly? I would certainly hope so, as that alone would cut down on the the numbers of them in the sky.

I still think it’s a great idea and while not as space age as the Moeller Skycar, looks to be more likely to get off the ground and into production. Pun intended.

It’s already looking nice. You can get one in 2011 if you place your $200k order today.

I’ll take two.

Below I just found a short flight from Terrafugia of a scale model RC version of the Transition. Flight seems nice and stable.


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